Laptop Repairs Basildon

Laptop Repairs Basildon

No. 1 Laptop Repair Company in Basildon

Laptops combine productivity with portability, but their mobile nature does make them susceptible to knocks & bumps which can lead to serious problems, even hardware failure.

If your laptop is beginning to get slower, a hardware upgrade could be just what your machine needs. Clients are always pleasantly surprised at how the speed and efficiency of their laptop is boosted significantly, following a service and RAM upgrade and upgrade from Hard drive to SSD drives.

If certain things are no longer functioning in your software and you can no longer update your Flash Player or Java plugin, then it could be that your Operating System is too out of date and updates are no longer supported. Don't worry, all is not lost, give us a with the make and model of your laptop and we can find out for you if it is capable of accommodating an upgrade or carry out any repair on your laptop.

Here are just some of the laptop repairs and enhancements that we have successfully provided to our clients:-

  • Laptop Screen Replacements.
  • Laptop Power Jack, Battery & Charger Repairs and Replacements.
  • Laptop Keyboard Repairs and Replacements.
  • Laptop DVD/CD Drive Repairs and Replacements.
  • Laptop Hard Drive & RAM or Memory Upgrades and Replacements.
  • Windows 8 and 10 Operating System repairs, reinstallations and upgrades.

Areas We Cover

Has your laptop suddenly stopped working and looking for a laptop repair service in Basildon? Don’t worry, we are here to help! We are qualified and friendly and offer competitive prices and we will have your laptop working like new. We diagnose and repair all laptop issues, from virus removal, laptop screen replacements, data recovery(based on the damage to the hard drive), Windows 7, 8 and 10 installs, keyboard replacement, cleaning service as dust can be the no. 1 issue for overheating/failing parts, hard drive to SSD cloning and wifi/internet issues.

We’re professional and all our repairs are carried out within 1-3 days.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Pitsea

Sticky or missing keys? Our laptop keyboard replacement service is the answer. And with a keyboard replacement cost that’s significantly lower than branded or national alternatives, our keyboard repair service guarantees happy customers as well as working machines.

Our keyboard repair service is carried out by qualified, experienced professionals. Our laptop keyboard replacement service is quick and convenient. We don’t outsource keyboard repair jobs. And that means you can usually get your machine repaired in a timely manner.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair in Laindon

Our laptop screen repair service is quick. We are often able to replace a cracked or broken screen within 2-3 days. Our laptop screen replacement service is convenient. Book your laptop in for repair with us or drop off your laptop at a time that is best for you and we'll do the rest.

Our laptop screen repairs are guaranteed. All new parts fitted by us come with a year’s guarantee. Our laptop screen replacements are carried out by professional, experienced engineers, who understand that a broken laptop can be a disaster. If you’re panicking about a late project, lost data, or not having anything to entertain the kids with on a rainy day: don’t worry. We’ll have a new screen in and your laptop working perfectly.

Laptop Cleaning Service

Laptop Cleaning Service Basildon

Keep your laptop in good health with our laptop cleaning service. We offer a fast, one-day service for all makes and models. Our laptop fan cleaning services are vital for ongoing computer health. If your machine is older than two years, and has never had its fans cleaned, it’s likely to need them doing.

Your laptop fan is responsible for cooling the vital components packed tightly inside the case. It blows the hot air, generated by the working elements of the computer, out through the air vents. But air isn’t the only thing passing through those vents. Over time, tiny particles of dust and dirt, sucked into the machine by the action of the fan, clog up the blades.

Laptop Fan Replacement

Laptop Fan Replacement Pitsea

Cooling fan gone? Our laptop fan replacement service is fairly priced and quick.

The cooling fan is a vital element of your laptop’s heat removal system. It’s responsible for removing the hot air generated by the processor and other parts. In modern laptop designs, air is usually removed from heat sources using a ‘heat pipe’ system, which delivers the exhaust to the fan to be blown out through the cooling vents. Because everything in your laptop is packed together so tightly, a broken or faulty fan is a critical issue.

If your cooling system goes, an expensive laptop can become junk in just a couple of hours. Our fan repair services are here to stop that happening.

Price List

Service Cost
Hard Drive to SSD Drive Cloning £35
Password Removal/Reset for Windows Login £20
Complete Service/Tune Up includes: internal clean,
malware/virus removal, performance check, hardware check,
system clean (files) and latest drivers installed
Operating System and updates installed, drivers installed,
virus/malware software and Google Chrome installed
(Any specific software will need to be installed by the customer)
Data Recovery/Backup (Dependent on state of hard drive and if hard drive accessible/detected by our system) £45
Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Ransom-ware Removal £40
Internet Connectivity / Wi-fi Connection Issues £20
Screen Replacement Service £40 (not including screen replacement part)
*All prices are subject to change at anytime without notice*

Our Testimonials

Below are just some of the feedback we have received from customers we have carried out repair work for previously. View more testimonials


"Ian was very helpful he managed to fix my computer I would definitely recommend this guy he knows what he is doing all for a reasonable price I will definitely use him again in the future definitely deserves 5 stars"


"Ian know's his stuff! I was so happy that he was able to repair my laptop at a reasonable price and update to Windows 10 without needing to buy a new one. Very reliable and a quick turn around! Highly recommend."


"Friendly and efficient. It was a good price to fix my laptop and it was done within two days! Would definitely recommend. Thanks again!"


"Don’t go anywhere else this guy is the best around! Fantastic service and price. You will not be disappointed. 5 stars!!!"


"Fixed my Desktop Base unit and upgraded to Windows 10 all at a very reasonable price and very quickly too.... would definitely use again"


"If like me you don't understand what to do when your laptop decides not to play ball, then Ian is the guy you need in your quick dial. He was calm even when I was not! Brilliant service, reasonbly priced. I would totally recommend this firm."