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Professional Laptop Screen Replacements Basildon

There are no Dell or HP etc. shops where you can take your laptop screen to be fixed. This is where IT Done Right can help, bring your laptop to us or can use our new booking system to book your repair in and we will replace the laptop screen in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. We can have your laptop repaired and good as new in a few days as we need to order a brand new replacement screen via our supplier and then fit and test to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Laptop Repair Services Basildon
  • Diagnostics

    We can diagnose any computer
    related issue for £15

  • RAM issues

    We can upgrade the RAM to have more memory or replace if faulty

  • Hard drive issues

    We can determine if a hard drive is failing and needs replacing

  • Windows Updates/Installs

    We can do Windows updates or
    install fresh Windows

  • Screen Replacements

    We will replace the laptop screen in at an affordable cost

  • Charger socket issues

    We can replace laptop charger socket if found to be faulty

  • Battery issues

    We can replace laptop batteries if they are found to be faulty

  • Virus Removal

    If your laptop has picked up a virus, we will remove the virus promptly

IT Done Right Laptop Screen Replacement Service

Accidents can happen when it comes to laptop screens, but good news is they can be replaced easily.
Is your laptop screen displaying any of the following, if so a replacement screen would be required. We charge £40 to fit and test + cost of the replacement screen.

  • Dead pixels

  • Laptop screen flickering

  • Unusual colour on screen

  • Blurry laptop screen

  • Vertical/Horizontal lines on screen

  • Cracked or smashed screen

  • Black areas that look like spilled ink

  • Broken laptop hinges

  • Laptop screen is very dim or dark

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Looking for computer hardware, peripherals, Graphics Cards, SSD Drives, Power Supplies or laptops? Visit our online store for a wide selection of high-quality products. Enjoy the convenience of direct drop shipping to your door. Need any expert advice on your purchase? Get in touch with us by calling 01268 982969 or email enquiries@it-doneright.co.uk – we’re always ready to provide the guidance you need.

Tips For Protecting Your Laptop Screen

  • Never shut the lid of your laptop with a pen or pencil resting inside the laptop

  • Never have food and drink near your laptop, regardless of whether you are working on laptop on or not

  • Do not poke the screen with your finger or a sharp instrument like a pen or pencil

  • Do not attempt to clean the laptop screen when it is on

  • Never place books or other heavy items on the closed lid of a laptop. The pressure will crack the laptop screen

  • Always use a damp lint free cloth to clean your laptop screen

  • Glass cleaning products are excellent but do not use excess amounts as the grease smear effect will be evident

  • If the hinges of a laptop are cracked or damaged, seek a laptop repair immediately, otherwise the screen could also become damaged

  • If the lid of a laptop is damaged, seek a replacement or the screen could also become damaged over time

  • If you think your screen has failed, try plugging the laptop in to a VGA / HDMI external monitor or TV using the correct cable type and see if get a display on the monitor or TV. This will help you diagnose if the screen is faulty. If both the monitor and screen show no signs of output, it potentially could be a laptop motherboard failure

Our Skills & Expertise

We Specialise In Laptop Screen Replacements

Contact us on 01268 982969 for a free quotation for a replacement laptop screen and labour cost.
On top of providing a laptop screen replacement service, we can also provide a range of other laptop repair services such as charger socket replacements, damaged keyboards/palmrests, virus removal, battery replacements, memory upgrades, fixing Wi-Fi internet issues, dvd/cd drive replacements and operating system installs/updates as well as a range of computer repair services such as hardware upgrades, virus removal services, operating system installs and fixing internet/Wi-Fi issues.


Screen Replacements


Charger Socket Replacements


Windows reinstalls/updates

Laptop Screen Replacement Specialists Basildon

Computer & laptop repair services

Why Choose Us

30 day Warranty

All repairs have a 30 day warranty. I always ensure the utmost care is taken

Fast & Reliable Service

IT Done Right act fast. We understand that some jobs are required to be done as soon as possible

Professional & Years of Experience

I am skilled and experienced. All jobs are done professionally whether they are big or small

Quality & Affordable

We offer free quotes for all our customers. We have affordable pricing. Quality work is our main focus.


IT Solutions

Below are some Computer Repair Services I provide

Laptop Repair

Problem with your laptop? I am a local and experienced laptop repair technician. Contact IT Done Right today on 01268 982969.

Laptop Repair

Computer Repair Basildon

Problem with your computer/PC? I am a local and experienced computer repair technician. Contact IT Done Right today on 01268 982969.

Computer Repair

Virus Removal Services Basildon

If your computer has picked up a Virus, it needs removing fast. We will remove the virus(s) and run virus scans to ensure it has been fully removed.

Virus Removal

Monthly Computer/Laptop Repair Plan

Unlimited Repairs
Only Pay For Parts!

Unlimited Repairs
Only Pay For Parts!

We offer a monthly computer/laptop repair plan package, it includes unlimited repairs/labour on computer and laptop repairs. All work is carried out by IT Done Right. It is purely for residential customers. Only pay for parts if any are required. Pay using our secure online payment system, a direct debit is set up for £7.49 per month on a minimum 12 month contract and after this you are able to cancel when you want to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some answers to some common questions we sometimes get asked. If unable to find a answer to your question, please call us on 01268 982969 or email enquiries@it-doneright.co.uk

Can a damaged screen on a laptop be repaired?

Damaged laptop screens can be replaced in 2-3 days at competitive prices with labour costing £40.

How much does it cost to change a HP laptop screen?

For HP laptop screens, they vary between the different models, for example a HP Pavilion screen replacement roughly costs £55-£60 and labour costs is £40. Touch screens can be slightly more expensive costing between £110-£120 roughly for a replacement.

How much does a Dell laptop screen cost?

For Dell laptop screens, they vary between the different models, for example a Dell Inspiron screen replacement roughly costs £45-£70 and labour costs is £40. Dell Latitude screens can be of similar costs to those of the Inspiron models costing roughly between £40-£50 roughly for a replacement.

Is it worth replacing a laptop screen?

In most cases, it is definitely worth replacing a laptop screen as buying a new laptop would be more costly compared to replacing the screen including part and labour.

Can a cracked touch screen laptop be fixed?

Touch screens can be replaced but are more costly than non touch screens ranging from £110 onwards dependent on the make and model of the laptop.

Do IT Done Right offer any warranty on their work?

IT Done Right offers a warranty on our work/repairs. This warranty typically covers the specific repair performed and ensures that if the same issue arises again within a specified period of 30 days, we will address it at no additional cost. Make sure to ask about the warranty terms and conditions before availing the services.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash for repairs(labour). If parts are required, we can only accept bank transfer or cash as this ensures parts are ordered quicker and completing the repairs quicker.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover Basildon, Laindon, Pitsea, Langdon Hills and Wickford.

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