Benefits of a Solid State Drive

Pure Performance

The No. 1 reason for computer users to opt for a SSD is the high performance that they can deliver. The access time when you use a SSD is much, much faster than traditional hard disks. Since there are no moving parts in a SSD, the read and write times are exponentially faster when compared to traditional disk and spindle hard disks. An SSD drive has access speeds of 35 to 100 microseconds, which is nearly 100 times faster. This faster access speed means programs can run more quickly, which is very significant, especially for programs that access large amounts of data often like your operating system. The advantage of SSD over HDD in this aspect is as clear as day. It takes most of the devices with SSD's just seconds to boot and get up to speed with various operational tasks such as downloading, transferring files or running applications/softwares. In contrast, HDDs are much slower in comparison and will take more time to boot and gain full speed. Even though this might not make a huge difference for an average user, it might just change things around for expert users or small business owners.

Extended Life Expectancy

The life of solid-state drives is at least two to three times longer than conventional hard disks. The average life expectancy of a mechanical drive is three to five years. SSD's do not have any moving parts so it will keep your data secure and undamaged for long most of the time, unless the device is shaken really hard or thrown down with great force. But with HDD's, with all their moving and endless internal parts, is very vulnerable to damage and eventually, loss of data which is a common problem for users.

More Battery Friendly

Solid State Drives use less power than a standard HDD, which means a lower energy bill over time and for laptops, an increase in battery life.

Less Noise, Less Heat

There is absolutely no noise in solid-state drives due to not having any moving parts. Because there are no moving parts and due to the nature of flash memory, the SSD generates less heat, helping to increase its lifespan and reliability. HDD makes some noise, especially when in full operation as it has read/write arm that is responsible for all the noise that your laptop or PC makes.

Solid State Drives are not affected by magnetism.

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