Fake antivirus software Scam

We all saw at least once this message appear on our screens: “You have been infected! Download antivirus X right now to protect your computer!”.

Many of these pop-ups were very well created to resemble actual messages that you might get from Windows or another antirus software product.

If you are lucky, it is nothing more than an innocent hoax that will bother you by displaying unwanted pop-ups on your screen whilst you browse online. In this case, to get rid of the annoying pop-ups, we recommend scanning your system using good antivirus software such as malwarebytes and/or microsoft security essentials.

If you are not so lucky, you can end up with malware on your system, such as a Trojan or keylogger. This kind of message could also come from one of the most dangerous ransomware threats around, such as CryptoLocker, which is capable of blocking and encrypting your operating system and requesting you to pay a sum of money in exchange for the decryption key and to resolve the issue.

To avoid this situation, we recommend using a specialized security product against this kind of financial malware, besides your traditional antivirus program.