One year to go until end of support for Windows 7

All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. After 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for computers running Windows 7, making any user – personal or business – significantly more susceptible to malware attacks.

In May 2017, hundreds of thousands of computers were hit by a massive cyber attack which exploited unpatched security flaws found in machines running outdated versions of Windows. One of the largest victims was the NHS in England, with up to 70,000 devices being affected, crippling essential systems in hospitals.

Microsoft’s end of support date will also encourage other companies to stop supporting Windows 7 too, which means applications will eventually stop working. In October 2020, extended support for Office 2010 will also come to an end.

If you are still using Windows 7 in your business, you must plan your migration to Windows 10 now.

Not sure if you’re using Windows 7?

The easiest way to tell if you are running Windows 7 is to take a look at the “Start” menu icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. If the icon is round, then you are running Windows 7. If it is square or rectangular, you are likely on a newer version of Windows. Compare your screen to the pictures below.

You can also click on the following link to find out for certain –

It’s time to upgrade to a modern version of Windows

Windows 7 may still be performing well, but it was introduced nearly a decade ago. Technology has matured a lot, so if you’re still using Windows 7, your not taking advantage of everything that Windows has to offer.

Windows 10 is an advanced, improved, and continually updated version of Windows 7. It is also the most secure Windows ever, making it much less likely to be hacked.

IT Done Right can help with the transition from Windows 7 to a platform that is fast, modern, reliable and secure. We can take a backup existing data and carry out a upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Pop in to us or call 01268 982969.

Microsoft will be ceasing to support Windows 7