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Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance Contracts in Basildon

Save money on servicing, repairs and backup with an IT Done Right Maintenance/Service Plan

What A Maintenance Contract Can Do For You:

  • If you need repairs more than twice a year, you will automatically save money.
  • Cover yourself with virus protection, protect your money, and protect your identity.
  • Get yearly Health Checks to help speed up your computer, and check for any issues.
  • A backup facility that will backup all your important information in case of fire, theft or damage.
  • 24-hour computer monitoring. If there is an issue, we will let you know.
  • Remote access. (Where we can take control of your PC and fix the issues without even being there)

Options Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum+
Remote Support
Health Checks
Internet Security
Online Backup(512GB)
Live Monitoring of your computer
Price for 1 PC Monthly £7.49 £10.99 £13.99 £16.49 £18.49
Price for 1 PC Yearly £80.00 £120.00 £155.00 £185.00 £210.00
Price for 2 PC's Monthly £14.98 £21.98 £27.98 £32.98 £36.98
Price for 2 PC's Yearly £170.00 £250.00 £325.00 £385.00 £430.00
*If require maintenance for more than 2 PC's, please let us know and can provide a competitive cost for both monthly and yearly.*

All maintenance contracts cover labour charges, if parts are needed you will be only charged for the part and not for fitting.

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