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Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring in Basildon

Our Live Monitoring Process

IT Done Right provide a real time live monitoring service for your PC/Laptop so we can detect any viruses/malware that need attending to remotely or in person. We can install Windows updates and run weekly antivirus scans remotely from our new system. As the client, you can request/create a support ticket from the real time monitoring software and we see the support support ticket request/issue right away.

At IT Done Right, we offer competitive quotes. We make sure that we’ve recovered all of the lost data.

We install the real time monitoring software on your PC/Laptop
We start monitoring your PC/Laptop for any issues that may occur
Request support right from the real time monitoring software and we will pick it up instantly.

We charge a monthly or yearly subscription for this service for a small cost of £15.99 per month.
*12 Month Contract Applies*