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There are many benefits to getting your computer repaired compared to getting a new one, such as it is more cost-effective in most cases getting your computer repaired instead of buying a new one. Repairing your existing computer saves having to reinstall your software and putting the data back on if you have a backup available as well as the following points.
Problem with your computer/PC? We’ll solve it. We’re who you call when your desktop computer or laptop begins to run slow and your programs stop working, no screen display, unable to boot to Windows etc. From corrupted hard drives to virus infected computers, IT Done Right is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks.

Computer Repair Services in Basildon
  • Diagnostics

    We can diagnose any computer
    related issue for £15

  • RAM issues

    We can upgrade the RAM to have more memory or replace if faulty

  • Hard drive issues

    We can determine if a hard drive is failing and needs replacing

  • Windows Updates/Installs

    We can do Windows updates or
    install fresh Windows

  • Graphics card upgrades

    We can do graphics card updates or replace if one is failing/failed

  • Internet not functioning

    We can look at the reasons why the internet is not working as it should

  • Have a slow computer

    We can look into the reasons why a computer is running slow

  • Power supply issues

    We can replace a faulty power supply if it's failed or need a upgrade

Our Skills & Expertise

Basildon Computer Repairs - We Fix All Brands

Helping computer users in and around the Basildon area, Ian has 14 years of experience of troubleshooting and solving various computer problems. Ian has built up an excellent reputation locally for being efficient, reliable and trustworthy.
I can help you with any of your computer and laptop problems - such as broken laptop hinges, upgrading hard drives to super fast SSDs (Solid State Drives), new palmrests and keyboard replacements for laptops, replacement laptop batteries and cracked/damaged laptop screens and virus removal services. If you need your computer repaired or are just looking for some friendly support and advice, please get in touch today using the contact form further down or call us on 01268 982969 or can use our new booking system to book your repair in




Virus Removal


Windows reinstalls/updates

Computer Repair Specialists in Basildon

Computer & laptop repair services

Monthly Computer/Laptop Repair Plan

Unlimited Repairs
Only Pay For Parts!

We offer a monthly computer/laptop repair plan package, it includes unlimited repairs/labour on computer and laptop repairs. All work is carried out by IT Done Right. It is purely for residential customers. Only pay for parts if any are required. Pay using our secure online payment system, a direct debit is set up for £7.49 per month on a minimum 12 month contract and after this you are able to cancel when you want to.

Computer Repair in Basildon From a Reliable, Trusted & Experienced Technician

We know how frustrating it can be when your computer breaks down and stops working and understand that you need a quick turnaround and a clear picture of what we need to do, why, and how much it is going to cost. Call us on 01268 982969 and we can discuss what needs to be done and what options there are to get your computer up and running again.

Professional Computer Repair Services Company Basildon

IT Done Right is a computer repair services company based in Basildon and can get your computer up and running again in no time for a competitive cost. Computers and/or PCs are still common in homes & businesses, and often fill a number of roles, including serving data for networks, gaming, media creation, 3d editing, managing photos and surfing the Internet. Like any well-used device, your desktop PC can go wrong, often at the most inconvenient time.

Benefits of getting your computer repaired

There are many benefits to getting your computer repaired compared to getting a new one, such as it is more cost-effective in most cases getting your computer repaired instead of buying a new one. Repairing your existing computer saves having to reinstall your software and putting the data back on if you have a backup available as well as the following points.

  • Getting your computer working/repaired, so you can work remotely again.

  • Your Children are able to complete their homework online again.

  • Able to do your everyday online Shopping again.

  • Able to do your banking securely online again.

  • In the majority of cases, it is cheaper to get your computer fixed than to purchase a new one.

Since 2010, we have been repairing computers and laptops. If your computer is running slowly, freezing or simply won't switch on or have a laptop with no display or has a virus or internet connection problems or any other issue, for almost every issue, there is a solution! We can also install anti-virus and malware software to keep your computer safe and secure. Microsoft provides some great tips on keeping your computer secure at home

Knowing that a dependable computer repair expert you can trust is just a phone call or a click away. We support all your computer repair needs in Basildon, no matter what the repair is. We offer computer repair services to residential customers. Our Services include operating system installs/re-installs, virus removal, missing or corrupted driver issues, wireless/internet issues, data recovery (dependent on the state of the hard drive), computer cleaning internal service as dust can be the main cause of overheating and causing internal parts to fail and hard drive to SSD cloning (upgrading to a SSD drive can significantly improve the boot up time to Windows), the average time to boot up from pressing of the power button to Windows loading is 10 seconds.


Basildon Computer Repairs - All Issues Fixed

Below are some Computer Repair Services I provide

Computer Repair

Problem with your computer/PC? I am a local and experienced computer repair technician. Contact IT Done Right today on 01268 982969.

Computer Repair

Virus Removal Services in Basildon

If your computer has picked up a Virus, it needs removing fast. We will remove the virus(s) and run virus scans to ensure it has been fully removed.

Virus Removal

Hardware Upgrades

Call us on 01268 982969 to discuss what hardware needs upgrading and the options. In some cases, upgrading hardware is more affordable than buying a new computer.

Hardware Upgrades

Why Choose Us

30 day Warranty

All repairs have a 30 day warranty. I always ensure the utmost care is taken

Fast & Reliable Service

IT Done Right act fast. We understand that some jobs are required to be done as soon as possible

Professional & Years of Experience

I am skilled and experienced. All jobs are done professionally whether they are big or small

Quality & Affordable

We offer free quotes for all our customers. We have affordable pricing. Quality work is our main focus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some answers to some common questions we sometimes get asked. If unable to find a answer to your question, please call us on 01268 982969 or email enquiries@it-doneright.co.uk

What types of computer issues can be repaired?

IT Done Right can help with a wide range of issues, including hardware problems, virus infections, data recovery, network connectivity issues, laptop screen replacements and more.

How long does it usually take to repair a computer?

The time required to repair a computer can vary depending on the complexity of the issue and if any replacement parts are required. Some problems can be resolved within a few hours, while others may take a couple of days. Once know the issue, I should be able to give you an estimate of the turnaround time based on the specific problem.

How much does computer repair in Basildon cost?

The cost of computer repair in Basildon depends on the nature of the problem and the service provider. Simple repairs such as software troubleshooting may cost less, while more complex hardware repairs or component replacements can be more expensive. It's best to enquire about the pricing beforehand.

How can I prevent future computer problems?

Regular maintenance and good practices can help prevent future computer problems. Keep your operating system and software up to date, use antivirus software, be cautious while downloading files or visiting unfamiliar websites, and clean your computer regularly to prevent dust build-up.

Do IT Done Right offer any warranty on their work?

IT Done Right offers a warranty on our work/repairs. This warranty typically covers the specific repair performed and ensures that if the same issue arises again within a specified period of 30 days, we will address it at no additional cost. Make sure to ask about the warranty terms and conditions before availing the services.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash for repairs(labour). If parts are required, we can only accept bank transfer or cash as this ensures parts are ordered quicker and completing the repairs quicker.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover Basildon, Laindon, Pitsea, Langdon Hills and Wickford.

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