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Laptop Screen Repair Basildon

screen repair for laptops

IT Done Right Laptop
Screen Repair Service

Accidents can happen when it comes to laptop screens but good news is they can be replaced easily. There are no Dell shops or HP shops where you can take your laptop screen to be fixed. This is where IT Done Right can help, bring your laptop to us and we will replace the laptop screen in a timely manner and at a affordable cost. We can have your laptop repaired and good as new in 2-3 days as we need to order a brand new replacment screen via our supplier and then fit and test to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Tips For Protecting Your Laptop Screen

  • Never shut the lid of your laptop with a pen or pencil resting inside the laptop.
  • Never have food and drink near your laptop, regardless of whether you are working on laptop on or not.
  • Do not poke the screen with your finger or a sharp instrument like a pen or pencil.
  • Never place books or other heavy items on the closed lid of a laptop. The pressure will crack the laptop screen.
  • Do not attempt to clean the laptop screen when it is on.
  • Always use a damp lint free cloth to clean your laptop screen.
  • Glass cleaning products are excellent but do not use excess amounts as the grease smear effect will be evident.
  • If the hinges of a laptop are cracked or damaged, seek a laptop repair immediately, otherwise the screen could also become damaged.
  • If the lid of a laptop is damaged, seek a replacement or the screen could also become damaged over time.
  • If you think your screen has failed, try plugging the laptop in to a VGA / HD monitor using the correct cable type. This will help you diagnose if the screen is faulty. If both the monitor and screen show no signs of output, it potentially could be a laptop motherboard repair required.

Contact us on 01268 982969 for a free quotation for a replacement laptop screen and labour cost. View some reasons on why to choose us to carry out screen replacements on your laptop.